Cosplay Lolita vs. Theme Lolita.

I found myself talking about this a lot due to recent conversations that have come up on Rufflechat and among friends. What are the differences between cosplay lolita and a themed lolita coordinate? Are there even any to begin with? And finally, are the official collaborations between Japanese brands and anime series evidence that cosplay lolita is very much a thing?

This is purely an opinion piece, and I can't guarantee that everyone would agree with me, nor can I urge you to subscribe to what I believe, but I thought it would make for an interesting discussion!


LBC: Goals for 2015!

It's nearly 2015, and right on schedule, it's time to share my goals for the new year! I have three main ones and one super-secret one (which I will keep really vague until I'm ready to make an official announcement) that I'll talk about today. Feel free to share your resolutions as well--and I hope that we can keep each other on track!


Parents and alternative fashion.

Hello everyone! Once again, I will have to apologise for the silence on my end--with school starting up again, it's so hard to keep up with a blog. I've been having a blast interacting with people on Instagram though and updating over there since it only takes a couple of minutes out of my day to post something there~ In fact, all the photos on this post are from there since I haven't had time to put together a lot of new photos for the blog in a while. (; A ;)/

I thought I'd address two frequently asked questions I receive a lot--and they are variations of:

  1. What do your parents think about your clothing choices?
  2. How do I get my parents to accept how I dress?
Nothing I say here can be taken with a grain of salt--everyone's parents are different and prioritise different things, but I'll try to share my experiences and advice that follows my experience as best I can. I hope you find this post informative!


Fairytale Boutique Events!

I visited Fairytale Boutique very briefly in March, but I was with a colleague from law school, so I kind of bolted out of there before I could spend too much time in there. I'm really happy I was able to return not once, but TWICE this summer! The first one was Fairytale Boutique's Second Anniversary Event, and the second event was their Third Harajuku Fashion Walk!


Pink House Style at the Lavender Festival.

Last week, I went to a small meet-up at a lavender festival in Sonoma. The first day didn't quite go as planned, so we visited a winery instead and returned the next day to observe the beautiful plants. I tried to create a coordinate with a Pink House feel using vintage and handmade items paired with a tea-length dress.